Recidivism research in the Netherlands

Recidivism research in the Netherlands

Survey of Dutch research of reoffending behaviour


In the framework of the Research and Documentation Centre’s Recidivism Monitor project, an inventory was carried out in 1998 of Dutch publications in the field of recidivism research. The research focused on the following three questions: In which specific fields was the recidivism research carried out in the Netherlands? How was this research carried out? Which results did this yield in general? Four types of recidivism research are distinguished: research as part of an offender profile; research into criminal careers; ethological research, and effect studies. The overview of the research results addresses criminal careers (predicting recidivism; age and progress of criminal career; gender, ethnicity and criminal careers; specialisation) and the effectiveness of criminal interventions (general recidivism research; alcohol/recidivism research; hospital order and recidivism; research into prison regimes; research into new interventions for juveniles; alternative settlements for (young) adults). A number of methodological notes were also made.

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Wartna, B.S.J.
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The Hague
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Onderzoeksnotities 1999/02
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