Involuntary admission of drug-addicted offenders into therapeutic institutions

Involuntary admission of drug-addicted offenders into therapeutic institutions


The reason for this literature survey was the submission of the bill Criminal Reception Addicts (SOV). The bill addresses a group of (often long-term) addicts who combine their addiction with continuous and persistent criminal behaviour that is causing a great deal of nuisance. The question dealt with in this literature survey was whether very active drug users with a long history of drug abuse and crime, who refuse to be treated in a treatment centre voluntarily or compulsory, offend less after compulsory placement than if they have not been admitted to a treatment centre. It starts with a brief overview of the various treatment modalities and, where known, their effect. It then discusses experiences elsewhere with the implementation of treatment programmes for drug addicts who are subject to judicial sanctions. It also provides a summary of the legal framework of the foreign programmes evaluated (in Sweden, Germany and the United States), followed by an overview of the evaluations and a summary of the key findings.

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Baas, N.J.
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Den Haag
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Onderzoeksnotities 1998/04
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