The organisation of the criminal investigative power of 25 regional police forces

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The organisation of the criminal investigative power of 25 regional police forces


Commissioned by the Criminal Enforcement Department (DSH) of the Ministry of Justice, the Research and Documentation Centre (WODC) carried out research into the organisation of the investigation power in the 25 regional police forces and in particular the manner in which the availability of specialist expertise is arranged. The key finding of this research is that - contrary to all the signals and views that exist on the disappearance of specialisations and specialist expertise in the criminal investigative sector – the police forces have indeed made provisions at various organisational levels in order to have access to specialist investigative expertise. The results of this research show that every force has created organisational preconditions at different levels to be able to carry out investigative activities in numerous fields. Provisions have been made available in the police forces for frequently occurring crime, serious, and organised crime, and medium level crime. The general assumption – which was the motivation for this research - that police forces have insufficient specialist expertise, particularly with regard to the so-called medium-serious crime, can therefore not be confirmed by the study findings.

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Kruissink, M., Verwers, C., Dijkhoff, N.
Place of publication:
The Hague
Year of publication:
Onderzoeksnotities 1998/02