A matter of time

Civil law and civil procedure / Commercial law

A matter of time

Throughput time and non-family civil disputes


This report discusses the time involved in processing legal cases, with particular attention to non-family civil disputes. The Dutch courts deal with just under 40,000 of such cases each year.
The survey answers the following questions:

  1. How long does it take for the court to give a decision?

  2. How do the courts differ? 

  3. How do 'fast' procedural forms contribute to the quick settlement of a dispute, such as the accelerated regime, the accelerated term procedure and the post-defence statement hearing model?

  4. Finally, the key learning points of the survey are formulated in the light of the underlying policy question: which policy is most suitable for speeding up processing times in civil proceedings on merits?

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Eshuis, R.J.J.
Place of publication:
The Hague
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