Girls and delinquency in the Netherlands

Crime and delinquency / Female crime

Girls and delinquency in the Netherlands


The subject of 'girls and delinquency' has not received the attention it should, both from a scientific and from a policy point of view. Girls are said to be rapidly catching up with male delinquents of their age. In 1996 and 1997 the media reported on girls’ gangs, revealing a particular increase in violent offences. This provided sufficient reason to carry out an inventory study into the state of affairs regarding crimes committed by underage girls. The report provides an extensive literature survey, with data on girls' crime for the period 1980-1997. One chapter of the report is dedicated to the results of interviews with key figures. The report also contains case descriptions, which were compiled after interviews with nine delinquent girls, and an analysis of their crime sheets were carried out. Finally, cases were analysed in order to be able to develop a tentative typology.

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Mertens, N.M., Grapendaal, M., Docter-Schamhardt, B.J.W.
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The Hague
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Onderzoek en beleid 169