Leavers of residential judicial treatment for juveniles

Leavers of residential judicial treatment for juveniles

A one-year follow-up


The Netherlands has seventeen correctional institutions for juvenile offenders where court-imposed punishments and measures are implemented. There are two types of correctional institutions for juvenile offenders, namely reception and treatment institutions. This report maps out the situation for juveniles one year after leaving the treatment centre. It looks at how they spend their day, their accommodation and financial situation, significant events that took place in the year following their release and the coaching they have received since leaving the institution. The report also specifies if they have reoffended or experienced any other psychological or behavioural problems in the year after leaving the institution. The data for the youngsters released from treatment centres are compared with those for youngsters leaving other institutions, and with information resulting from research carried out among Dutch youngsters.

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Boendermaker, L.
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The Hague
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