Hard core projects;

Hard core projects;

Effect evaluation of intensive ambulatory counselling


A number of experimental projects have been started in recent years targeting the so-called hardcore or habitual offenders, with reoffenders receiving intensive coaching for a minimum period of six months. Individual coaching is aimed at offering a perspective for the future, in combination with strict agreements and monitoring. The report looks at five of these projects, namely project De Kans in The Hague, Omslag in Deventer, Retour Zaanstreek in Zaandam, Stelselmatige Dader Aanpak in Groningen and Agadir in Leiden. The report gives a description of the set-up of the projects, the judicial background of the participants and the framework in which they take part in the project. It also looks at the manner in which the participants were coached, as well as the outcome and the question of whether the participants have re-offended.

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Kleiman, W.M., Terlouw, G.J.
Place of publication:
The Hague, Arnhem
WODC, Gouda Quint
Year of publication:
Onderzoek en beleid 166