Racist violence in the Netherlands

Racist violence in the Netherlands

Nature and extent, judicial reaction, offender types


The theme of 'racist violence in the Netherlands' was examined on the basis of three questions. The first question regards the nature and scope of racist incidents or racist violence in the Netherlands. The second concerns the acquisition of more background information on incidents involving actual suspects, and how cases are settled by the police and the judicial authorities. The third question focuses on the offenders themselves: their backgrounds and motivations for committing racist offences, and their involvement in radical right-wing parties, movements and groups. The incidents are divided into various categories: painting slogans, destruction, arson, threat, abuse etc.

Publication data

Bol, M.W., Wiersma, E.G.
Place of publication:
The Hague, Arnhem
WODC, Gouda Quint
Year of publication:
Onderzoek en beleid 160