Between prohibition and legalization

Police and law enforcement / Fight against drugs

Between prohibition and legalization

The Dutch experiment in drug policy


This book gives an account of the national Dutch drug control strategy. Many researches in this field are described. Most of the chapters touch, in one way or another, on one of three key questions: (1) how is Dutch drug policy different from that of other countries; (2) how is the increasing internationalization of the world going to have an impact on Dutch drug policy, and (3) is there anything in Dutch drug policy that may be transferred to other nations.



  1. A short history of drugs in the Netherlands - M. de Kort
  2. Initial construction and development of the official Dutch drug policy - Ed. Leuw
  3. Enforcing drug laws in the Netherlands - J. Silvis
  4. Drugs as a public health problem: assistance and treatment - L. Wever
  5. Dutch prison drug policy: towards an intermediate connection - L.H. Erkelens and V.C.M. van Alem
  6. The development of contemporary drug problems - K. Swierstra 
  7. Drug tourists and drug refugees - D.J. Korf 
  8. Snacks, sex and smack; the ecology of the drug trade in the inner city of Amsterdam - F. van Gemert and H. Verbraeck 
  9. The development of a 'legal' consumers' market for cannabis: the 'coffee shop' phenomenon - A.C.M. Jansen 
  10. The drug-related crime project in the inner city of Rotterdam - B. Bieleman and J. Bosma 
  11. Drug prevention in the Netherlands: a low-key approach - I. Haen Marshall and C.E. Marshall 
  12. Legalization, decriminalization and the reduction of crime - M. Grapendaal, Ed. Leuw and H. Nelen 
  13. The future of the Dutch model in the context of the war on drugs - T. Blom and H. van Mastrigt 
  14. An economic view on dutch drug policy - D.J. Kraan 
  15. Is Dutch drug policy an example to the world? - C.D. Kaplan, D.J. Haanraadts, H.J. van Vliet and J.P. Grund 

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Leuw, Ed. (ed.), Haen Marshall, I. (ed.)
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Amsterdam/New York
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