Delinquent behavior among young people in the western world

Delinquent behavior among young people in the western world

First results of the international self-report delinquency study


This volume presents the first results of the self-report in 13 individual countries. A second volume will follow in 1995, which will present the results of in-depth comparative analysis. The outcomes of these studies are presented in individual chapters. Some conclusions on the basis of this material are presented in the last chapter. These preliminary conclusions are based on similarities in the instruments used and a number of similar samples. In the chapters demographic and socio-economic features of the country under discussion are presented as well as cultural factors, alcohol- and drug consumption, study design, and conclusions about delinquency and problem behavior.



  1. Self-reported delinquency in Helsinki, Finland 1992 - K. Aromaa
  2. Self-reported offending among young people in England and Wales - B. Bowling, J. Graham and A. Ross
  3. The self-reported delinquency study in Belfast, Northern Ireland - J. McQuoid
  4. Self-reported delinquency in the Netherlands - G.-J. Terlouw and J.N. Bruinsma
  5. Self-reported delinquency in Liège, Belgium - M. Born and C. Gavray
  6. Self-reported juvenile delinquency in Mannheim, Germany - P. Sutterer and T. Karger
  7. Self-reported juvenile delinquency in Switzerland - M. Killias, P. Villettaz and J. Rabasa
  8. The self-report delinquency study in Portugal - E. Gersao and M. Lisboa
  9. Self-reported juvenile delinquency in Spain - R. Barberet, C. Rechea-Alberola and J. Montanes-Rodriguez
  10. Self-reported delinquency in 3 Italian cities - U. Gatti, G. Fossa, E. Lusetti, M.I. Marugo, G. Russo and G.B. Traverso
  11. Key-findings of a preliminary self-report delinquency study in Athens, Greece - C.D. Spinellis, E. Apospori, M. Kranidioti, Y. Symiyanni and N. Angelopoulou 
  12. Self-reported delinquency in a midwestern American city - I. Haen Marshall and V.J. Webb 
  13. Self-reported delinquency in Germany after the reunification - K. Boers, M. Class and P. Kurz 
  14. Self-reported delinquency at age 18: New Zealand's Dunedin multidisciplinary health and development study - T.E. Moffitt, P.A. Silva, D.R. Lynam and B. Henry 
  15. Delinquency in thirteen western countries: some preliminary conclusions - J. Junger-Tas
  16. Epilogue - M.W. Klein

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