Studies on the Dutch prison system

Studies on the Dutch prison system


The series ‘Dutch studies on Crime and Justice’ is meant to meet this need for wider distribution. The series will consist of readers, each of which will present the results of research on a specific component of the justice system in The Netherlands. This volume, the first in the series, focuses on the prison system. The general studies in the first part of the two-part volume provide an overview of the main characteristics of Dutch correctional policy and research. The first chapter aims to give the non-Dutch reader a general idea of the criminal justice system in The Netherlands (in particular the correctional system) and to facilitate understanding of the other contributions. In the second part of the book the authors deal with a variety of special topics, among others the mentally abnormal offender, drug users, ethnic minorities and prison leave.



  1. The Dutch penal system and its prison - an introductory note - M. Brand-Koolen
  2. Impressions of an Australian visitor - T. Vinson, M. Brouwers and M. Sampiemon
  3. Prison policy and penological research in the Netherlands - A. Rook and M. Brand-Koolen
  4. The impact of medium-term incarceration; a comparative exploration - B. van der Linden
  5. 'De Sprang': an evaluation of a special regime in a remand center - B. Berghuis
  6. Management strategies and tactics - T. Vinson, M. Brouwers and M. Sampiemon
  7. Views of prison officers - T. Vinson, M. Brouwers and M. Sampiemon
  8. Leave from prison - A. Rook and J. Verhagen
  9. Detention at the government's pleasure; a follow-up study of patients released from the Henri van der Hoeven Clinic - J. van Emmerik
  10. Recidivism among mentally disordered offenders detained at the government's pleasure (TBR); a report of a follow-up study of patients discharged between 1974 and 1979 - J. van Emmerik
  11. The alcohol program; an educational program for drunken drivers in prison - R. Bovens
  12. Drug users in remand centers - L. Meijboom
  13. Ethnic minorities in Dutch confinement - M. Brand-Koolen

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