Nature, scope and risks of instrumental forms of teenage sex

Nature, scope and risks of instrumental forms of teenage sex


The aim of the study is to provide an insight into what is known about specific types of sexual behaviour amongst young people, and the potential developments in this regard, in order to provide information on the basis of which it may be possible to initiate policy adjustments. The study focused in particular on the question as to what types of sexual behaviour occur outside of the context of an intimate relationship, in which the primary motivation does not appear to be the development of a relationship and intimacy, but rather the perception of lust or material gain. Types of sex that may be included are the receipt of money or another form of payment in exchange for sex and participation in sex parties, group sex, or sex on or via the Internet. Research was carried out into what is currently known with regard to the causes behind these types of sexual behaviour and the perception of such behaviour amongst young people. Research was also carried out into what is known about the extent to which participation in this type of contact is voluntary or involuntary, as well as other potential risks.

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Graaf, H. de, Höing, M., Zaagsma, M., Vanwesenbeeck, I.
WODC, Rutgers Nisso Groep
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