Establishment of national security indices

Criminology and victimology / Community safety

Establishment of national security indices

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In this study, a method will be defined to describe developments in crime, public nuisance and unsafety experiences as reliable as possible. This study originates from a request from the SBV (Strategic Security Consultation), a consultative body between the Ministry of Security and Justice and the VNG (Association of Dutch Municipalities). The SBV has inquired whether it is possible to develop an instrument that can chart the development of public safety in the Netherlands. The aim is to develop an index in which both crime-victim surveys and police statistics can be used to describe public safety trends at both the local and national level. In this case, the term ‘local’ can mean at a municipal level, but also at a variety of Dutch police levels. The term ‘public safety’ encompasses crime, nuisance experienced by citizens and experiences of unsafety amongst the public.

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Vergouw, S.J., Jennissen, R.P.W., Weijters, G., Smit, P.R.
Place of publication:
The Hague
Year of publication:
Cahiers 2014-14

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