Terrorism and radicalisation studies

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Terrorism and radicalisation studies

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Research in the field of terrorism and radicalization has undergone a tremendous growth since the terrorist attacks on the United States on 9 september 2001.  The aim of this special issue is to reflect on this development  and discuss the specific problems and pitfalls of this research field. The lack of reliable resources is one of these problems. On the side of the state a lot of information is confidential or secret. At the same time it’s very hard to get information from  radicalized individuals and jihadist organizations. Politization of the subject as well as the proximity of many researchers to government power are also contributing to the problems of doing research in this field.The special issue starts with a survey of the developments in terrorism and radicilization studies which divides the research in three levels of analysis: macro, micro and meso. Other topics covered are perceptions of injustice and radicalization, the life stories of a group of Dutch jihadists, the role of religious ideology in radicalization, the relationship between Islam and terrorism in historical perspective and the role of humor in the fundamentalist movement Sharia4Belgium.

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The Hague
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Justitiële verkenningen 2017/03