Legal aspects of modern family life

Legal aspects of modern family life

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Dutch family life has undergone considerable changes in the last decennia. More and more mothers are participating in the labour market, although often parttime. Fathers are more actively involved in the education of and care for their children. Also there are more gay marriages and registered partnerships. At the same time single parenthood is more common than 20 years ago. Also we see a huge rise of unmarried cohabitation. Due to the increase of divorce lots of childeren have more than two parents in daily life because their divorced parents found new partners. This edition of Justitiƫle verkenningen discusses some of these changes while posing the question how family law should respond to these developments. There is also an article on the upcoming reform of the Dutch marital property regime.

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Den Haag
Boom juridisch
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Justitiƫle verkenningen 2016/04