Innovative research methods

Innovative research methods

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For a long time discussions about research methods in the social sciences have been dominated by the antagonism between researchers using quantative methods and those working with qualitative methods. The sharp edges of this debate seem to be worn down somewhat lately. There is a growing consensus that both approaches supplement and need each other to reach satisfactory explanations of social phenomenons. Another reason for the subsiding of the ‘quanti-quali’- debate is the rise of all sorts of new technologies which have brought much more variety in methods of scientific research. These include applications of Big Data, Google Trends, smartwatches, smartphones, the Internet, social media and virtual reality. These new methods entail new dilemma’s and restrictions that don’t fit into the old ‘quanti-quali’- discussion. The articles in this special issue describe the possibilities and adavantages of the various innovative methods as well as the restrictions and (ethical) dilemma’s in using these methods.

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The Hague
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Justitiële verkenningen 2016/01