Coffeeshops and cannabis

Crime and delinquency / Drugs and crime

Coffeeshops and cannabis


The Dutch tolerance policy on soft drugs is still unique in Europe and across the world. While combating the use of and trade in soft drugs may not be a priority of judicial authorities and police everywhere, the policy of tolerance will not be adopted by other countries. The liberal soft drugs policy still seems to command ample support in the Netherlands. It is generally regarded as the most suitable way to regulate the use of soft drugs and limit health risks for users. However, the issue of whether the assumptions on which the tolerance policy is based are in fact correct is indeed a valid question, which is discussed from broadly differing viewpoints in this issue by authors from a wide range of fields.



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The Hague
Boom Juridische uitgevers
Year of publication:
Justitiƫle verkenningen 2006/01