Criminal justice proceedings / Arrest warrant in the European Union



JV themed issue set against the background of the Dutch presidency of the European Council in the last six months of 2004. The Netherlands presented its multi-year programme, setting out the political guidelines for cooperation in the fields of Justice and Interior Affairs (JBZ) for the next five years, at the European summit on 5 November 2004. In this themed issue the editors show what has been achieved so far in the field of justice, and what the implications are for the Dutch legal practice, combined with future visions for Europe. There is attention for the new European constitution and a discussion on whether or not the expansion by ten member states is an opportunity or a risk (Holman article). It also comprises an article on the possible exportation of crime from the new member states (Bruinsma), while other articles are dedicated to judicial cooperation, which addresses (among other items) whether we are moving too fast with our cooperation (De Hert & De Roos).

Publication data

Place of publication:
The Hague
Year of publication:
Justitiƫle verkenningen 2004/06