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Research Issue


This publication contains a summary of research in the field of criminology going on in the Netherlands. Each year the number 7 issue of 'Justitiële Verkenningen' is devoted to the research carried out or financed by the Ministry of Justice. Furthermore it includes projects carried out by University institutes not fmanced by the Ministry. Every two years the research issue will be translated into English. This issue is a continuation of our pubfication `Law and crirninal justice — towards research minded poficy-making' (1976), and it is based on the number 7 issue of 1977. 3 The review of the research projects is preceded by two introductory articles that appeared in the 1976 and 1977 issues, respectively written by dr. D.W. Steenhuis and dr. J.J.M. van Dijk. For ease of reference an index has been included of all subjects dealt with. The projects have been arranged according to sub-field or subject investigated.



  1. D.W. Steenhuis Science and communication (1976) 5
  2. J.J.M. van Dijk Science and policy, once again — an introductory article (1977) 11
  3. Research 19
  4. Summary of research undertaken in the period 1976 to July 1977 with the financial support of or directly by the Ministry of Justice 21
  5. Summary of other current research projects at the Criminological Institutes and by specialist groups within the Departments of Criminal Law at Universities and Polytechnics in the Netherlands 65

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Justitiële verkenningen 1977/RI