Exchange of supervisory data by supervisors

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Exchange of supervisory data by supervisors

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This research aims at defining the interests to be taken into account in the exchange of supervisory data among supervisors, and between supervisors on the one hand and the Ministry of Justice, the police and special investigating officers on the other. In addition, it examines the desirability and juridical possibility to insert a general regulation on dat exchange in the General Administrative Law Act and/or in other laws.

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Moor-van Vugt, A.J.C. de, Engers, T.M. van, Groenewegen, F.T., Haaften, W.F. van, Klap, A.P., Nieuwenhuis, A.J., Schouten, L.M. (ass.), Wessel, M.W. (ass.)
Amsterdam University - Faculty of Law, WODC
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Amsterdam University - Faculty of Law
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Universiteit van Amsterdam - Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid