Use and effects of NL-Alert

Use and effects of NL-Alert

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NL-Alert is a new governmental means to alert people in the direct vicinity of an impending disaster or emergency and to inform them via the mobile phone. A NL-Alert message makes it possible to add an advice about what people should do to react adequately to the emergency, and to adjust this information according to the specific threat. All mobile telephones can be reached, when suited and set to receive NL-Alert. This study is focused on the evaluation of NL-Alert in the context of an actual deployment in an emergency, and how citizens can be further activated to properly set their device.

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Gutteling, J.M., Kerstholt, J., Terpstra, T., As, N. van
Twente University - Faculty of Behavioral Sciences, TNO - afdeling Human Behavior and Organisational Innovations, HKV lijn in water, VDMMP - Focus op veiligheid, cluster beleid en onderzoek, WODC
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Twente University - Faculty of Behavioral Sciences
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