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An evaluation of an experiment with electronic monitoring for minors as an alternative for preventive custody


At the beginning of 2000, the district court of Rotterdam began a two-year experiment involving electronic house arrest for minors as a method of pre-trial detention. An important aim of this method is to maintain and strengthen the ties that the young people have with society. In principle, all young people aged between 12 and 18 who have committed one or more offences for which pre-trial detention can be demanded are eligible for electronic house arrest. However, these young people must meet a number of conditions. For instance, they must have a stable home environment, undergo meaningful education/training or employment during the daytime, be adequately disciplined and possess the ability to cope with structures. The courts make the final decision about the assignment of electronic house arrest.

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Terlouw, G.J., Kamphorst, P.A.
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The Hague
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