The Dutch Register of Expert Witnesses

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The Dutch Register of Expert Witnesses

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The Expert Witness in Criminal Cases Act, which became law on 1 January 2010, has brought about many changes in current criminal procedure. One of the more substantial changes concerns creation of a national public register of expert witnesses. This study relates directly to that register, which is referred to in common parlance as the register of expert witnesses. The present study is an 'ex-ante' evaluation which prepares the way for a later process evaluation and final evaluation of the Dutch Register of Expert Witnesses.
Chapters 6-9 comprise also a study of the situation in Belgium, Germany, France and the UK respectively.

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Keulen, B.F., Elzinga, H.K., Kwakman, N.J.M., Nijboer, J.A.
University of Groningen, Faculty of Law, WODC
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University of Groningen, Faculty of Law
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