Crime Trends in Europe


  • Editorial
  • The European Sourcebook of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics: A New Tool in Assessing Crime and Policy Issues in Comparative and Empirical Perspective - Martin Killias and Wolfgang Rau
  • The comparability of data on convictions and sanctions: are international comparisons possible? - Gordon C. Barclay
  • Prosecution in Europe: Varying structures, convergent trends - Jörg-Martin Jehle
  • Crime Trends in Europe from 1990 to 1996: How Europe Illustrates the Limits of the American Experience - Martin Killias and Marcelo F. Aebi
  • Influences on the prisoner rate: Number of entries into prison, length of sentences and crime rate - Marcelo F. Aebi and André Kuhn
  • Crime statistics as constructs: the case of Swedish rape statistics - Hanns von Hofer
  • Crimes and the need of sanction capacity in the Netherlands: trends and backgrounds - Frank van Tulder
  • Current Issues: False Profits: Why Product Counterfeiting is Increasing - Jon Vagg and Justine Harris 

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European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research 2000/01