Crime Prevention toward a European Level

Law and policy / Criminal policy

Crime Prevention toward a European Level


  • Editorial
  • Winnie Sorgdrager - Changing attitudes and pragmatism: the twin-track of crime prevention
  • Jan J.M. Van Dijk - Towards a research-based crime reduction policy; crime prevention as a cost-effective policy option
  • Irvin Waller - Trends in crime prevention in Europe and North America
  • Sir Jack Stewart-Clark - Crime prevention and the European Union
  • Michael Tonry - Building safer societies: crime prevention in developed countries
  • Jacob Kohnstamm - Crime prevention as a local enterprise
  • Recommendations of the European Union Conference on crime prevention towards a European level
  • Current issues: Anouk Depuydt and Johan Deklerck - An ethical approach to crime prevention
  • Susanne Karstedt- Shifts of power, shifts of control: a perspective on women's dissocial and problem behaviour
  • Jo-Anne Wemmers - Manual on the implementation of the UN Declaration of basic principles of justice for victims of crime and abuse of power
  • Crime institute profile - National Centre for State Courts, Williamsburg, USA¬†

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European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research 1997/03