Crime and Criminal Justice in an Integrated Europe

Law and policy / Criminal policy

Crime and Criminal Justice in an Integrated Europe


  • Editorial
  • Fifth European colloquium on criminology; Bled, Slovenia, 26-28 September 1996 - Matti Joutsen
  • Recent trends in crime in Western Europe - Matti Joutsen
  • Crime in Central and East European Countries - Jerzy Jasinski
  • Controlled deviance: a strategy for crime prevention in Hungary - Katalin Gönczöl
  • Crime policy from a West European perspective - Günther Kaiser
  • Punishment and resocialization: a case of the Czech Republic - Jana Válková
  • Organized crime in Estonia: its historical preconditions - Ando Leps
  • Current Issues: Françoise Tulkens - Criminal justice in transition: some provisional notes on the crisis in the Belgian system
  • John Braithwaite - Commentary: law, morality and restorative justice
  • Crime institute profile - TRANSCRIME, Research group on Transnational Crime, School of Law, University of Trensto 

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European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research 1997/01