Europe meets US in Crime and Policy

Criminology and victimology / Criminality

Europe meets US in Crime and Policy


  • Editorial
  • How exceptional is the United States? Crime trends in Europe and the US - I. Haen Marshall
  • The effects of American drug policy on black Americans, 1980-1996 - M. Tonry
  • Gangs in the United States and Europe - M.W. Klein
  • Family socialization and delinquency in the United States and Switzerland - A.T. Vazsonyi
  • the new world order of criminal justice; reflections on clientelism - C. Pfeiffer, E.A. Fattah, M.R. Gottfredson, M. Joutsen, R. Lévy, W.G. Skogan
  • Varia: International Police Training Conference, Birmingham, England, 31 August to 5 September, 1996
  • Crime institute profile: National Institute of Justice, US Department of Justice

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European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research 1996/02