East meets West in Crime

Criminal justice proceedings / Mutual legal assistance

East meets West in Crime


  • Editorial
  • Post-Soviet organized crime; problem and response - L.I. Shelley
  • Berlin: theatre of East-West organized crime - H. Saberschinkski
  • Internationalization of organized economic crime; the Russian Federation case - T. Sinuraja
  • Changes in crime control in Hungary - K. Gönczöl
  • Crime in Slovenia; a criminological analysis - Z. Kanduc
  • The European Prison Rules in Central and Eastern Europe; progress and problems - R. Walmsley
  • On judicial mutual assistance in criminal matters between the states of Western and Eastern Europe - P. Wilkitzki
  • East meets West in crime in Dutch history - F. Egmond
  • Varia
  • Crime institute profile: Criminology at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

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European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research 1995/04