Paedosexual delinquency

Paedosexual delinquency

A study into prevalence, circumstances and criminal justice interventions


The number of registered suspects of paedosexual offences has decreased since 1996. In that year, almost 1800 suspects of paedosexual offences were registered with the police. This number decreased to almost 1400 in 2002. Of this group, two-thirds had committed an offence for the first time. This study provides an insight into the nature and scope of paedosexual offences, in so far as known within the judicial system. The study also provides information on perpetrator and victim characteristics and the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim. More so than in the case of other types of offences, perpetrators of paedosexual offences are almost always men. They are also older on average than perpetrators of other types of offences. The majority of victims of paedosexual offences are very young (under the age of 12), and in most cases, the perpetrator is already an acquaintance of the child. In around three-quarters of all cases, the perpetrator comes from the victim’s primary, (daily) family environment. Fathers and father figures constitute the largest category at around 35. In no more than 10% of all cases is the perpetrator a complete stranger to the victim.

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Leuw, E., Bijl, R.V., Daalder, A.
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The Hague
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Onderzoek en beleid 220