Selecting police‐officer trainees

Police and law enforcement / Police education

Selecting police‐officer trainees

Evaluating the selection procedure of police officers at level 2 to 4 (full text only available in Dutch)


Each year, the Dutch police academy receives hundreds of applications from candidates who want to become a police officer. Before candidates are hired however, they need to go through a selection procedure in which their suitability for police work is tested. The goal of the present project was to evaluate the quality of the selection procedure at the police academy. One of the important aims of this evaluation was to examine whether the requirements in the selection procedure are still in accordance with current scientific insights in the area of personnel selection and with changed societal demands.

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Linden, D. van der, Born, M., Phielix, L., Touw, L.
Erasmus University Rotterdam - Institute of Psychology, WODC
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Erasmus University Rotterdam
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