Introduction of Youth Justice in the Caribbean Netherlands

Introduction of Youth Justice in the Caribbean Netherlands

An Exploration of a Youth Justice Monitor (full text only available in Dutch)


In contrast to the European part of the Netherlands, there currently is no separate youth justice system in the Caribbean part of the Netherlands. The Dutch government aims to implement a youth justice system in 2020 on the Dutch Caribbean islands Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba (known as the BES islands or the Caribbean Netherlands) by adding a new title to the Criminal Code BES with specific provisions concerning youth. The new youth justice system introduces youth detention as a custodial sentence for young offenders (i.e. under the age of eighteen at the time of the offence, also referred to as minors) and provides a legal basis for the use of diversion (out-of-court disposition). With the aim to explore the effectiveness and efficiency of the new youth justice system, the Ministry of Justice and Security has commissioned a study on the feasibility of and (pre)conditions for a quantitative and/or qualitative monitor in order to carefully follow the implementation of the system. The overarching research questions of this study are:

  • What is the registered crime rate of youth aged 12-18 years and young adults aged 18-21 years old who have been in contact with the criminal justice system in the Caribbean Netherlands in 2018, how were these cases handled and what has been officially registered about these cases?
  • To what extent is it feasible to start a quantitative or qualitative monitor containing information about (registered) youth crime in the Caribbean Netherlands to provide insight into the implementation and use of the youth justice system as well as into the recidivism (rates) of minors? What are important preconditions to start a monitor, in light of the reliability and validity of the data, and what would such a monitor look like?

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Doekhie, J.V.O.R., Liefaard, T., Bak, R. den, Jeltes, M., Marchena-Slot, A., Nieuw, R., Mooren, F. van der, Zee, S. van der (ass.), Werf, F. van der (ass.)
University Leiden - Faculty of Law, University of CuraƧao, CBS, WODC
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University Leiden - Faculty of Law
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Universiteit Leiden, Faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/FSW