Contact arrangement between grandchildren and grandparents

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Contact arrangement between grandchildren and grandparents

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In recent years the position of grandparents is attracting more attention in the Netherlands. Several factors have strengthened the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren. Women work more changing the social role of grandparents because they mind their grandchildren more. In addition, grandparents have more possibilities to take care of their grandchildren, since their health is generally better and, nowadays, families are smaller as well. At the same time more attention is paid to situations in which grandparents no longer (are allowed to) see their grandchildren. When they are unsuccessful in restoring contact with their (grand)children they can request a contact arrangement in court. To be awarded contact, they have to prove their close relationship with their grandchildren.
In this study is looked at the ways in which present and future (legal) instruments may contribute to a contact arrangement between grandchildren and grandparents that will benefit the child involved. What are the causes of the absence of contact between grandparents and their (grand)children? Which legal and non-legal means are there to re-establish this contact or to initiate a contact arrangement? What may contribute to improved contact which serves the child’s interest?
Furthermore a study is carried out on case law and comparative law in Belgium, England & Wales and Norway, in order to deal with not only Dutch law, but also to learn from across the borders as well.

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Jonker, M., Sarti, A., Jeppesen de Boer, Chr., Lünnemann, K., Drost, L. (ass.), Koster, N. (ass.)
Verwey-Jonker Institute , WODC
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