Law on long-term supervision

Law on long-term supervision

Research program on the applications of the law on long-term supervision in 2017-2022 (full text only available in Dutch)


There is a new law in the Netherlands, in which long-term supervision, treatment and monitoring of ex-delinquents and former forensic psychiatric patients is arranged, the Law on long-term supervision (LLTS).The goal of the LLTS is to provide more adequate supervision on possible recidivists among sex offenders, on a specific group of violent offenders and on patients who have been imposed a tbs-order. This measure entails disposal to be treated on behalf of the state (Article 37a.1 Dutch Criminal Code (DCC) and is a court-ordered sentence for people who have committed violent crimes and who have been declared partially or completely unaccountable for these crimes due to severe mental disorders.

The TBS order either involves mandatory treatment n a closed forensic psychiatric hospital (Art. 37b.2 DCC) or is served in the community while abiding by certain conditions (Art. 38.1 DCC). Tbs-orders are executed in a specific part of the prison system (and not in the health system as in many other countries).
This report encompasses the research program that has been set up for an evaluation of the LLTS.

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Nagtegaal, M.H.
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The Hague
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Cahiers 2020-04

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