State of the art of crisis management

Security and crime prevention / Crisis control

State of the art of crisis management

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The main question to which the research provided an answer is; what topics in the field of crisis management are included in scientific research, and what corresponding concrete questions are currently and/or possibly in the future relevant to (literature) research and highlight further? This state of the art research crisis management including emergency response focused on the following six research questions:

  1. How can the domain of crisis management be delineated?
  2. To what extent experts and researchers consider the mapped areas of interest?
  3. What is the status of the knowledge in the field of research through this study mapped?
  4. Which domains are not or insufficiently examined?
  5. What research questions and corresponding methods can be formulated in the framework of the plan for the second phase of the state of the art research, based on the identified issues?
  6. What specific research questions are directing considered for follow-up research?

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Lakerveld, J.A. van, Matthys, J.
University of Leiden - Platform Training, Education and Governance (PLATO), University of Leiden - Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA), WODC
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University of Leiden - PLATO - ISGA
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