Monitor following the developments in coffee shop policy 2017

Crime and delinquency / Drug tourism

Monitor following the developments in coffee shop policy 2017

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This is the fourth measurement over 2017 of the monitor following the developments in coffee shop policy. National and regional data from the Police and the Public Prosecution Service (OM) were obtained and analysed. In addition, 66 local experts were consulted in a sample of 31 municipalities from 11 research regions throughout the Netherlands: 33 local officials and 33 police officials. These experts answered questions about coffee shop policy in their municipality, coffee shop tourism, soft drug tourism, illegal sales and the situation around coffee shops. Where possible, the results of this measurement were compared with the results of the measurements from 2016, 2015 and 2014.

The previous meaurements can be found via the link below at: 'More information'.

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Mennes, R., Schoonbeek, I., Molen, J. van der, Bieleman, B.
Breuer & Intraval Onderzoek en Advies, WODC
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Breuer & Intraval Onderzoek en Advies
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