The collection of traffic fines

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The collection of traffic fines

Tools, costs and results (full text only available in Dutch)


This report addresses the collection of traffic fines for breaking traffic rules in the Netherlands. In recent years, the annual number of fines was around 9 million. Most of these fines, 7 million, relate to speeding limits.
Research questions:
1a) How effective are the various instruments that are applied to collect traffic fines?
1b) How do the amounts collected relate to the costs of deploying these instru-ments?
2) What knowledge is available on the relationship between problematic debts and a failure to pay traffic fines? Does the increasing of fines, when not paid within the first term, contribute to the emergence of problematic debts?
3) Which means are available to the collecting agencies in order to identify people with problematic debts at an early stage in the collection of the fine?
4a) What can be learned from the research to optimise the collection of traffic fines?
4b) Which subgroups of traffic offenders would be interesting for follow-up research?

Publication data

Eshuis, R.J.J.
Place of publication:
The Hague
Year of publication:
Cahiers 2020-05

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