Predictive textmining for cyber and digitized crime in police

Crime and delinquency / Crime against personal freedom

Predictive textmining for cyber and digitized crime in police

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In this study, a machine learning (ML) model was developed to classify police records in the Basis Voorziening Handhaving (BVH; the policy database that contains information on incidents reported to the police) that relate to cyber- or digitized crime. With that ML-model the extent of online crime in the BVH registration of 2016 is estimated. The background characteristics of linked suspects in these registrations of cyber and digitized crime have also been described. The research focused on registrations of three types of cybercrime (hacking, ransomware and DDoS attacks) and five types of digitized crime (online threats, stalking, online libel / slander / insult, online identity fraud and online buying and selling fraud).

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Tollenaar, N., Rokven, J., Macro, D., Beerthuizen, M., Laan, A.M. van der
Place of publication:
The Hague
Year of publication:
Cahiers 2019-02

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