Screening for MID in the Dutch juvenile criminal justice system

Detention and probation / Child protection chain

Screening for MID in the Dutch juvenile criminal justice system

Evaluation of the SCIL 14-17 pilot (full text only available in Dutch)


In January 2017, the SCIL 14-17 pilot was launched in the Dutch juvenile criminal justice system. The SCIL is a screening instrument for intelligence and mild intellectual disability. The aim of the pilot was to gain experience with the SCIL in the juvenile criminal justice system (for the purpose of possible national implementation of the SCIL 14-17), and to identify problems relating to mild intellectual disability (MID) and improve the approach to juveniles with a MID in the justice system. An additional intention was to appropriately adjust advice and guidance concerning juveniles identified with an assumed MID, if possible and necessary. The pilot was accompanied by an evaluation. The evaluation related to the execution of the pilot, the experience of chain partners with administering the SCIL, the extent to which SCIL results have led to adjustments to approach, advice and guidance, and the appreci-ation of the SCIL by the pilot staff involved.

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Smit, W., Wichgers, L., Timmermans, M.
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