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From perceptions to facts

Asylum seekers and neighbourhood crime (full text only available in Dutch)


The establishment of an asylum seekers’ reception centre – in the Netherlands: ‘COA location’ – is frequently accompanied by protests from local residents who fear that the arrival of such a centre will lead to an increase in crime. Such worries have already prompted earlier research. This report answers two central questions that have still remained unanswered:

  1. To what extent are the type and level of crime among the current groups of asylum seeking immigrants comparable to the patterns among groups who applied for asylum in the Netherlands in the past?
  2. To what extent does the presence of a COA location in a neighbourhood affect the degree to which regular local residents and other regular users of the neighbourhood (passers-by and businesses) become victims of crime?


Publication data

Achbari, W., Leerkes, A.S.
Place of publication:
The Hague
Year of publication:
Cahiers 2017-16

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