Scientific knowledge on (problematic) behaviour regarding five topics

Civil law and civil procedure / Settlement of disputes

Scientific knowledge on (problematic) behaviour regarding five topics

Sexting, Violence during football games, Employee theft, Digitializing dispute solutions, and Neighbourhood nuisance and conflict (full text only available in Dutch)


Policymakers have become increasingly interested in using behavioural science to strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of policies. The aim is to gather knowledge that can provide suggestions on ways to stimulate lawful and legitimate behaviour and prevent illegal behaviour without restricting an individual’s freedom of choice.
The five topics of interest are:

  1. Sexting
  2. Violence during football games
  3. Employee theft
  4. Digitializing dispute solutions
  5. Neighbourhood nuisance and conflict

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Nohlen, H.U., Harreveld, F. van
University of Amsterdam - Faculty of Psychology, University of Toronto - Faculty Psychology, WODC
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University of Amsterdam - Faculty of Psychology
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Universiteit van Amsterdam, Onderzoeksinstituut Psychologie