The Protection of Personal Data

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The Protection of Personal Data

Comparison of eight European Countries (full text only available in Dutch)


The legislation on privacy and the protection of personal data contains many open norms. As a result of differences in legal systems and cultural differences, the legal implementation of the Data Protection Directive is different in EU member states. As a result of the open norms, in combination with cultural differences, the practical implementation of the protection of personal data is also different in EU member states.
This leads to the central research question of this study: What is the position of the Netherlands with regard to the protection of personal data of citizens in comparison with several other countries in the European Union?In order to answer this question, six subquestions were formulated:

  1. What is the general situation regarding personal data protection?
  2. What are the national government’s policies regarding personal data protection?
  3. What are the national laws and regulations regarding personal data protection?
  4. How are legislation and policies implemented in practice?
  5. How are supervisory authorities organized and how is enforcement carried out?
  6. When comparing the eight countries investigated on the abovementioned aspects, what is the position of the Netherlands?

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Custers, B. (ed.), Dechesne, F., Georgieva, I., Hof, S. van der, Sears, A.M. (ass.), Tani, T. (ass.)
Universiteit Leiden - Elaw, Center for Law and Digital Technologies, WODC
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The Hague
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