Dutch penal protection orders and victim safety

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Dutch penal protection orders and victim safety

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Victims of (violent) crimes have a substantial need for protection, especially when they are involved in a personal relationship with the offender. One of the measures aimed at this protection that has been stipulated in the Dutch criminal justice policy with regard to victims’ rights is the so-called protection order. This type of order, also commonly referred to as a restraining order, prohibits a person from entering a certain area or multiple areas, or from communicating with the victim, or both. The order encompasses behavioral rules that can be imposed within criminal, civil and administrative proceedings, and aims to protect a person against any "criminal act that may endanger his or her life, physical and psychological integrity, freedom, or sexual integrity" (based on Directive 2011/99/EU).
This research aims to answer the following main research question: "How are Dutch penal orders enforced and complied with, and to what extent and under which conditions is it expected that these orders contribute to victim protection?"

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Fischer, T., Cleven, I., Struijk, S., Roggeveen, W. (ass.)
Erasmus University Rotterdam - Erasmus School of Law , WODC
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