Recidivism after Tools4U

Criminology and victimology / Delinquent behaviour

Recidivism after Tools4U

Comparative recidivism research Tools4U 2012 (full text only available in Dutch)


Tools4U is a social skills training imposed as a penal sanction aimed at increasing the social and cognitive skills of youth aged 12 to 18 years with a medium-sized risk of reoffending. Previous research into the effectiveness of this intervention has found positive results regarding social and cognitive skills (see link at: More information).

The current study extends the previous study, with its relatively short follow-up period, by examining recidivism over a longer time frame. Furthermore, the previous study made use of a control group recruited a year after the Tools4U group, resulting in a different observation period for the two groups. The current study makes use of an additional control group, made up of youth with a community service order during the same period as the Tools4U participants re-ceived their training order. In addition, analyses were carried out on the influence of social and cognitive skills measured at entry.
In the current study the following research questions are examined:

  • To what extent is Tools4U effective in reducing recidivism? As measured by:┬áprevalence of recidivism;┬áseriousness of first new offence.
  • Does the effectiveness of Tools4U depend on participant characteristics? Namely: age, gender, ethnic background, criminal history; skills deficiency measured at entry.

Publication data

Stouwe, T. van der, Verweij, S., Asscher, J.J., Weijters, G., Stams, G.J.J.M.
WODC, University of Amsterdam - Child Development and Education
Place of publication:
The Hague
Year of publication:
Cahiers 2018-04

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