Juvenile delinquency in the virtual world

Criminology and victimology / Juvenile delinquency

Juvenile delinquency in the virtual world

A new type of offenders or new opportunities for traditional offenders? (full text only available in Dutch)


The aim of this study is to identify the characteristics of juveniles who reported online offenses in the Youth Delinquency Survey (YDS). In addition, the authors intend to provide more insight into the extent to which delinquent behavior of juveniles shifts from the streets to the virtual world.

The question is whether juveniles who report online offenses differ from juveniles who report offline offenses, and from juveniles who report both online and offline offenses regarding demographic characteristics, and risk and protective fac-tors. Put differently, do juveniles who commit online offenses have a different profile than juveniles who commit offline offenses, and juveniles who commit both online and offline offenses? And, considering the (theoretical) distinction between cyber-enabled and cyber-dependent delinquency; do juveniles who commit cyber-enabled offenses, and juveniles who commit cyber-dependent offenses have a comparable profile?

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Rokven, J.J., Weijters, G., Laan, A.M. van der
Place of publication:
The Hague
Year of publication:
Cahiers 2017-02

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