Personal safety in stations and trains

Criminology and victimology / Community safety

Personal safety in stations and trains

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In the Netherlands personal safety in public transportation (aggression, violence, crime, nuisance, incivilities and anti-social behaviour) is a topic that has ranked high on the political agenda for some time now. In March 2015 a train conductor was the victim of a serious violent incident, which led to the adoption of additional measures. These measures went beyond those introduced earlier and often aimed to speed up the implementation process.
The main aim of the study was to gain insight into the current status as of February 2016 of a package of eight measures to improve personal safety in stations and trains for rail staff and – passengers. The main questions of the study are:

  1. What do the eight measures entail, what are the goals and what are expectations with respect to achieving them?
  2. What is the current status of implementation of the eight measures?
  3. How probable is it in practice that the various measures are having or have had an effect on (perceived) personal safety?
  4. What developments in (perceived) personal safety can be detected in the past period?

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Abraham, M., Egmond, P. van, Roorda, W., Soomeren, P. van
DSP-groep, WODC
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