Dutch National Risk Assessment on Terrorist Financing 2019

Security and crime prevention / Risk analysis

Dutch National Risk Assessment on Terrorist Financing 2019

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Terrorist financing via foundations and other legal entities in the Netherlands and abroad, own resources and underground banking are among the greatest risks in the field of terrorist financing in the Netherlands. This follows from the National Risk Assessment (NRA) Terrorist Financing 2019 carried out by the WODC.

The risk analysis is based on the ISO 31000 framework for risk management and the scientifically recognized effective methods used in the risk assessment. The research shows that in the prevention and combating of terrorist financing in the Netherlands, the focus is on financing jihadist terrorism. A possible consequence of this is that knowledge about funding mechanisms of other forms of terrorism currently seems to be very limited.

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Veen, H.C.J. van der, Heuts, L.F.
Place of publication:
The Hague
Year of publication:
Cahiers 2020-12

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