Supervision of the criminal justice system

Constitutional and administrative law / Ombudsman

Supervision of the criminal justice system

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The central research question is: "What kinds of supervision are currently present in the criminal justice system, and what caveats can be identified in both a legislative and a practical context?". Because of this, the concepts ‘supervision’ and ‘criminal justice system’ need to be delineated. This research confines itself to supervisory activities regarding the quality of actions within the criminal justice system, which means that purely organizational and procedural activities fall outside of its scope. Furthermore, a division is made between ‘internal’ and ‘external’ supervision. Internal supervision is the kind that happens within an organizational actor, while external supervision is handled by supervisory parties outside of the organization. Another form of external supervision is the judicial remedies (e.g.: appeals procedures) that can be used to review decisions made by an actor.

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Devroe, E., Malsch, M., Matthys, J., Minderman, G.
University Leiden - Faculteit Governance and Global Affairs, NSCR, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, WODC
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University Leiden - Faculteit Governance and Global Affairs
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