How the cats jump

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How the cats jump

The state of affairs in the approach to cruelty to and neglect of animals (full text only available in Dutch)


Increasingly in recent years animal welfare increasingly has become a focal point. In an attempt to enforce animal welfare more successfully, the government has developed an approach in which various parties work together. Late 2011, the animal police was introduced and a special report line for animal welfare opened: report line 144. The animal police and report line 144 constitute the primary line and the first links in the follow-up of reports regarding animal welfare. To streamline this process, collaboration agreements were concluded between the main animal welfare organisations. Arrangements for the enforcement of animal welfare are recorded in the Animal Welfare Collaboration Agreement ( Convenant Samenwerking Dierenhandhaving ), an enforcement agreement; arrangements regarding animal aid are set out in the Animal Aid Agreement ( Convenant Dierenhulpverlening).
The main question to be answered in this study concerned (the development in) the nature and scope of cruelty to and neglect of animals and the state of affairs in the collaboration on safeguarding animal welfare.

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Leiden, I. van, Hardeman, M., Ham, T. van, Scholten, L., Wijk, A. van
Bureau Beke, WODC
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978-94-92225- 12-9

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