Substance use and violence

Criminology and victimology / Alcohol and crime

Substance use and violence

a literature review of the relation between alcohol, drugs and violence (full text only available in Dutch)


On January 1, 2017, a new bill to allow alcohol and drug testing in perpetrators of violence will come into force. The bill provides a legal basis for the deployment of alcohol and drug testing in violent offenders. The results of these tests can be taken into account in the conviction and sentencing stage of the criminal justice process. Alcohol use has been related to violence; for drugs the association with violence is less clear. Confounding factors may contribute to the observed relationships between the occurrence of violence among users of substances (alcohol or drugs) and make it difficult to establish a causal connection between substance use and violence.

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Ramaekers, J.G., Verkes, R.J., Amsterdam, J.G.C. van, Brink, W. van de, Goudriaan, A.E., Kuypers, K.P.C., Arends, R., Schellekens, A.F.A.
Maastricht University - Faculty of Psychology and Neuro Sciences , Radboud UMC, psychiatry, Universit of Amsterdam - AMC psychiatry, WODC
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Maastricht, Nijmegen, Amsterdam
Maastricht University - Faculty of Psychology and Neuro Sciences
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