Food and offending

Food and offending

From punishment to rehabilitation? (full text only available in Dutch)


Research into the origin of delinquent and criminal behavior has long been strongly psychosocially oriented. In the last decades, however, interest in other explanations has increased significantly. In criminology neurobiological explanations of delinquent and criminal behavior, are excepted as alternative and additional explanations. This recent development also applies to novel knowledge acquired from nutritional sciences. What we eat determines to a certain extent how we behave. Knowledge from nutritional sciences may also provide starting points for new treatments focusing on behavioral change. So far however, this knowledge has not yet been reviewed systematically. This knowledge synthesis aims to fill this gap. Insights from nutritional sciences might shed new light on delinquent and criminal behavior. These insights might contribute to new treatment options for offenders.

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Zaalberg, A., Vanhouche, A.-S. (ass.), Smoyer, A. (ass.), Kjaer Minke, L. (ass.)
Place of publication:
The Hague
Year of publication:
Cahiers 2018-11

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